Open for Submissions!


We are delighted to announce the relaunch of University College Cork’s interdisciplinary journal of doctoral research: The Boolean. This is a student-led journal whose goal is to enable doctoral students to share their research with the general public, and wider UCC community.

Students are invited to write brief articles (max. 3000 words) describing their PhD research for non-expert audiences. Participating authors will gain valuable experience in the journal submission process, and achieve an official publication complete with DOI, which will be hosted by UCC library.

Submissions are open until 19th April, and publication is planned for May 2022. If you are interested in submitting an article to The Boolean you can now register as an author on our site using the ‘Register’ tab. Once registered you can create a new submission, which can be edited over the coming weeks.

As a submitting author, you will also be required to review an article other than your own alongside a member of staff or the editorial team. This ensures contributing authors are fully exposed to the peer-review process, as well as fulfilling our journal ethos: for the students, by the students.

Download the style sheet now to get started!