Nutrition and Health in Mothers and Infants –Update from the Vitamin D Research Group


  • Karen O'Callaghan School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, Ireland.



Nutrition plays an important role during all stages of the life cycle, from maternal health during pregnancy to healthy ageing in later life. Evidence suggests that a woman’s diet during her pregnancy can not only have a substantial effect on the health of the growing baby, but is also related to a variety of health outcomes throughout childhood and even into adulthood. Put simply, by optimising the dietary intake of the expectant mother, we can help provide her child with a healthy start in life. Since maternal nutrition at conception and throughout pregnancy directly influences the growth and development of her child, this provides a unique opportunity for health professionals to encourage women to make sensible dietary choices that will be of benefit to both themselves and their baby. Women are often motivated to improve their dietary and lifestyle behaviours at the beginning of pregnancy for the simple reason of ...