Call for Papers - 8th Scenario Forum Symposium 18th/19th June 2021 - Extended Deadline: 2nd April 2021


Sore Back, Square Eyes? Going performative in digital teaching and learning spaces  

18th & 19th June – Online Event 

The use of digital/remote teaching is not new and the digital turn in education has been well documented. However, in this last year there has been a forceful digital switch from offline to online, with little preparation time, across a range of subjects that otherwise would have had a slower transition into digital spaces.  

Full Call for Papers is available here.

Proposals will be accepted until 12th March 2021 - Please submit your proposal here.   

The symposium is organised by the Departments of German & Theatre at University College Cork.  

Organising Team: 

Dragan Miladinović (, Fionn Woodhouse ( (University College Cork)

With Susanne Even (Indiana University, Bloomington), Erika Piazzoli (Trinity College Dublin), and Manfred Schewe (University College Cork)