Call for Papers - Scenario Journal Special Issue: "Provocations for ethics in performative language teaching and research"


‘Nothing about us without us’: Provocations for ethics in performative language teaching and research.

At the 6th Scenario Colloquium, held in January 2021, participants discussed social positionality and power within performative language practice, with reference to Canas’ (2015) RISE Manifesto 10 things you need to consider if you are an artist not of the refugee and asylum seeker community- looking to work with our community. Although the focus was on refugees and migrants during the plenary discussion, similar ethical considerations could be relevant to all practitioners in performative language practice.

Scenario invites submissions for Volume XV, Issue 2, on the topic of  “Provocations for ethics in performative language teaching and research”, based on Canas’ (2015) RISE Manifesto, encompassing not only refugee and migrant learners, but all key players (students and teachers; researchers and participants) in the field of performative teaching and research. Contributors may explore one or more of the points included in the RISE Manifesto, in relation to their existing research and practice.

Submissions in the form of academic articles, book reviews and creative writing, written in English, can be submitted for review by August 25th, 2021 through the OJS platform: Authors should refer to the guidelines for authors at: when preparing their manuscript, noting that Scenario’s referencing style and layout requirements have recently changed, ensuring that all documents are anonymised for reviewing purposes.

As well as long-form articles and academic essays we warmly encourage the submission of short articles and other kinds of contributions. These could be essays, provocations or commentaries in unconventional formats that have distinctive layouts and/or typographies, especially those combining words and images.

This issue will provide the basis for an ethical manifesto for the field of performative language teaching, practice and research. Extracts of the contributions to the issue will culminate in a live pièce, performed by all contributors as an ensemble, to be recorded and stored in the Scenario Forum archives.

Editors of this themed special Scenario issue: Erika Piazzoli, Fiona Dalziel and Garret Scally