Turning Scientific Data into Physical Art - Sculpture as an aesthetic language


  • Adrien Segal Independent




SCENARIO (SC): Hello, Adrien. You are currently artist in residence in Cork and recently gave a very impressive talk about your innovative art. From a SCENARIO-perspective it is of particular interest how you navigate the space between the Sciences and the Arts. You are sometimes referred to as a data artist. Could you perhaps briefly explain to readers of this journal what a data artist is, by giving one or two concrete examples from your work? ADRIEN SEGAL (AS):Hello!For the definition of data art, I’ll revert to my friend and fellow data inspired artist Loren Madsen’s definition: “Art whose form in large part is determined by data or information.” Beyond that, the term is very new, and essentially describes the overlap of two distinct fields, so the term “data artist” is open to interpretation.In my case, I have a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Art) in Furniture Design, and data found its way into my work in a rather unexpected and circuitous way. I have always been deeply inspired by the natural landscape, and I had a very personal experience on the coast in California where I live. This experience lead a thread of research looking at the cyclical pattern of ...