Joëlle Aden (2010), An intercultural meeting through Applied Theatre; Theaterspielen als Chance in der interkulturellen Begegnung; Rencontre interculturelle autour de pratiques théâtrales.


  • Mary Noonan



This book contains a condensed account, in three languages (French, German, English) of a theatre project for adolescents that was in preparation over a two-year period, and that resulted in a week-long residential workshop for sixty young people from six partner countries at a theatre in Forbach, on the Franco-German border in April 2009. The initial idea for a European intercultural theatre project emerged from ANRAT, the French national association for theatre action and research, who decided to focus their efforts on young migrants in the European education system. What evolved was a project in which approximately 60 adolescents speaking 24 languages between them came together with 9 theatre practitioners from the 6 countries represented (France, Spain, Greece, Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom). The work of the group was in turn followed and observed by 5 researchers drawn from the partner countries. The project, developed for use with young people who had recently emigrated to Europe, aimed to answer two questions: The book aims to show how these questions were answered in the course of the ‘intercultural meetings’ it describes. In the opening section, the author sets out the theoretical framework and the research methodology. This section is sketchy and ...