To the Theatre!


  • Lili Grün



The rubric Texts around Theatre features historical and contemporary cross-cultural and culture-specific perspectives on theatre – unexpectedly funky, unusually enthralling, disturbingly fascinating. Young Loni Holl, the protagonist in Lili Grün’s autobiographical novel, desires to become an actress. Only the theatre gives Loni the feeling of escape from her boring day to day life. She pursues her goal with determination, and a theatre engagement in the province seems to be the long-awaited chance for her debut. She straddles rehearsals, performances and private life; learning her lines, paying her rent, and allaying her hunger. The following excerpt from Grün’s novel , first published in 1935, traces Loni’s first steps on the stage that means the world to her. Apart from Zum Theater, Lili Grün also wrote the cabaret novel Herz über Bord (now in a new edition as Alles ist Jazz) in 1993. Mädchenhimmel, a collection of poems and stories was first published in 2014. Her novel Junge Bürokraft übernimmt auch andere Arbeit ..., first published 1936/37 in the newspaper “Der Wiener Tag”, was issued in book format in 2016 (all edited by Anke Heimberg). As a Jewish author, Lili Grün was not allowed to publish after 1938. In 1942, she ...





Texts around Theater