Les pratiques artistiques dans l’apprentissage des langues. Témoignages, enjeux, perspectives, LIDIL special issue, ed. by Filippo Fonio and Monica Masperi, 52/2015 ; Approcci teatrali nella didattica delle lingue. Parola, corpo, creazione, LEND special issue, ed. by Filippo Fonio and Monica Masperi, 45/2016


  • Francesco Bonelli




The special issues of the journals LIDIL (2015) and LEND (2016), edited by Filippo Fonio and Monica Masperi (Université Grenoble Alpes), give a welcome contribution to the field of foreign language learning through drama and the arts. These two volumes are the result of a common research project, carried out by the co-editors since 2012, within the organisation in Grenoble of the conference Les pratiques théâtrales dans l’apprentissage des langues: institutionnalisation et enjeux de formation au niveau européen. As the co-editors assert in both introductions, the main aim of the research project was to put together various experiences and reflections, originating from different academic contexts and countries, in order to answer to the following crucial questions concerning foreign language teaching and learning through drama- and arts-based approaches (LIDIL 6-7, LEND 9): a) What role can the performing arts and drama-based activities play in secondary school and academic courses? b) In what forms may they be introduced and taught? c) How can such practices be integrated into courses and curricula for foreign language students? d) What connection can be established between these practices and CEFR’s action-oriented approach? e) How can we overcome the suspicion often raised in certain institutional contexts of ...