Review of Brockmann, S. (Ed.) (2021). Brecht in context. Cambridge University Press.


  • Katja Frimberger University of Strathclyde



Brecht in context, Book review, Brecht, Playwright

Author Biography

Katja Frimberger, University of Strathclyde

Katja is Lecturer in Education Studies and Programme Lead for the MSc Education Studies (Jan. intake) at the School of Education/University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Curious to understand the relationship between theatre, film and education (in its broad sense of ‘formation’), she is particularly interested in the production-oriented elements of theatre/film-making and how these are theorised as education. She has published on Bertolt Brecht’s educational theatre philosophy; the ethics of participatory filmmaking and arts-based education/research. Her latest publication looks at Latvian director Asja Lācis' philosophy of education in her proletarian children’s theatre. 


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