Transdisciplinary Articulations


  • Róisín O'Gorman University College Cork
  • Fionn Woodhouse University College Cork



During our presentation we briefly outlined two local Cork based projects that engage in 'Performative practices within and across disciplines' – these projects are titled Global Water Dances Cork and Articulating the Bones. Both projects were performative in nature, originated in the Department of Theatre in University College Cork, engaged with other departments within the university and also with local, national and international groups and organisations. The two projects are briefly summarised below: The Global Water Dances Cork (GWD Cork) project involved students, local community dance/drama groups (adult, teen and children), and visiting faculty & staff from James Madison University coming together to highlight water issues, both local and global, on Saturday, June 24, 2017 on the banks of the River Lee at University College Cork. The event happened in conjunction with a workshop introducing STEAM-based pedagogy, and a Thinkery on water, anti-privatisation and the commons that explored different approaches to the commons specifically in relation to water. The participating groups created a range of performative responses to local water issues that tended to flow over themes of dams and floods. On the day over 50 audience members were led along the river bank as the individual groups performed – ...






Conference Contributions