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Author Biographies

  • Susanne Even, Indiana University

    Susanne Even is Clinical Professor and Language Program Coordinator in the Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University (USA). Her specialty is performative pedagogy, a post-method approach to teaching and learning that takes inspiration from the performing arts. She holds a Ph.D. in German Language Teaching Research from University College Cork, and is co-editor of SCENARIO, the peer-reviewed, bilingual online journal for performative teaching, learning, research.

  • Dragan Miladinović, University College Cork

    Dragan Miladinović is College Language Teacher at the Department of German, UCC, and Scenario Journal co-editor. He also works on his part-time PhD-research project in the area performative language teaching. Dragan’s research interest lies in performative language pedagogy and critical applied linguistics. Dragan on ResearchGate.

  • Erika Piazzoli, Trinity College Dublin

    Erika Piazzoli is a lecturer in Arts Education at Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are performative language teaching, aesthetic engagement and embodied research methods. She holds a PhD in drama education, focussed on process drama for second language acquisition. Her book Embodying Language in Action (2018) outlines her research and practice in the field. Her current work examines the connection between embodied research methods, performative language learning and belonging in the context of young refugees and migrants.

  • Manfred Schewe, University College Cork

    Manfred Schewe is Professor Emeritus at University College Cork (UCC) where he served as Head of a Language Department (German) and also as Head of Theatre. He holds the title UCC Teaching Fellow in recognition of his significant contribution to the scholarship of teaching and learning through the Scenario Project which encompasses a journal, a book series and a forum for international conferences, symposia and colloquia. His teaching and interdisciplinary research activities focus on Applied Drama and Theatre, especially on performative approaches to Language, Literature and Culture. He continues to examine research theses, give lectures and lead workshops for institutions and professional associations in different parts of the world. He recently edited Volume 5 in the Scenario Book Series entitled81 Sprüche zur Enthärtung unserer Welt – On the Softening of our World: 81 Sayings.

  • Fionn Woodhouse, University College Cork

    Fionn Woodhouse is a lecturer, researcher, and facilitator of drama/theatre with particular interest in youth participation and learning through practice. He lectures with the Department of Theatre, University College Cork on Applied Drama, Theatre Production, and Theatre Practice. Fionn is an active educational drama practitioner, having trained and worked with Graffiti Educational Theatre Company for over 15 years facilitating workshops with over 12000 young people in various educational and community settings.







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