Secret agent meets pirate professor on Zoom

Collaboratively creating characters in a digital space




Online theatre workshop, trust-building, Character-creation, improvisation, Zoom


This Window-Of-Practice contribution focuses on a teaching experience where elements of on-site teaching were successfully transferred to an online theatre workshop for English learners at a German university in 2021. The sequence of activities was also presented at the 8th Scenario Forum Symposium. The text describes the stages of trust-building, character-creation based on a visual prompt, character-exploration and improvisation of short scenes with the created characters and focuses on how the online environment (in this case the video conference platform Zoom) can be creatively used to let learners make theatrical experiences and foster a collaborative atmosphere between participants in physically remote locations.

Author Biography

  • Stefanie Giebert

    Stefanie Giebert holds a PhD in English literature from Trier University. She teaches German as a foreign language, technical English and English literature and theatre at various universities. Her research interests are teaching ESP and German with drama, adapting non-dramatical texts for the stage and improvisational theatre.


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Window of Creative and Reflective Practice

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